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DIY Coconut Bowl

DIY Coconut Bowl

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So you’ve read every book in the house and binge-watched Friends for the umpteenth time. This little project might be just what you need.

These coconut bowls are pre finished and food ready on the inside and un-sanded on the outside ready for you to make your own.

To make your own coconut bowl you will need to use your own sand paper and finish your bowl with coconut oil to get the finish you want - smooth, natural or something in-between.

What You Need

  • Coconut Bowl
  • Sand Paper
  • Coconut Oil
  • Cloth


  1. Using course sandpaper, sand the outside of the bowl.
  2. Use lighter sandpaper to get a smoother finish.
  3. With a cloth rub coconut oil onto the bowl to bring out its natural shine. (Note: the colour will darken)
  4. You can also brush on linseed oil to make ensure the bowl is 100% sealed. (Optional)

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