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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions 

Coconut Bowls Coconut Candles
Are coconut bowls healthy? How we make our coconut candles
How should I care for my coconut products? How do I care for my coconut candle?
How long will my coconut bowls last? Why do we use soy in our coconut candles?
Are coconut bowls safe to eat from? Are coconut candles safe to use?
What size is the coconut bowl? Are our candles safe for your home?
Can I compost my coconut bowl? Are coconut candles safe for dogs?
My bowl looks different, is this normal? Bamboo Straws
Can you put hot food in coconut bowls? How are bamboo straws made?
Can you put coconut bowls in the microwave? How do I care for my bamboo straw?

Shipping & Delivery Questions

How long will it take to get my order? Where is my order?
How much does shipping cost? Who do you ship orders with?
What delivery address should I use? How can I return an item?

General Questions

Where do you source your coconuts from? Are there any nasty chemicals used?
Are coconut bowls safe to eat from? Why use coconut bowls?

Billing Questions

What payment methods do you accept? Can I pay with a bank transfer? 


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