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Whether you're gathering with family or planning a romantic outing with your significant other, dining outdoors is a terrific way to enjoy the pleasant weather of spring or summer - and a picnic basket can make it all happen.

But before you head out on your picnic, take a moment to scan our checklist – it’ll ensure that you have all the essentials needed for a perfectly packed basket and avoid disappointment!

The Picnic Blanket

Enjoying a picnic in summer

A top-quality picnic blanket is a worthwhile investment if you're planning on spending a lot of time outdoors this summer.

If you plan to sit on the ground to lay out your spread, remember to bring along a blanket. Any blanket will do, but if the ground is damp it’s nice to have one with a waterproof backing – or sand proof, if you’re heading to the beach.

The Picnic Basket

Picnic Baskets

A picnic basket needs a good handle - it doesn't have to be real leather, but it needs to be sturdy, wide enough for you hand to slide through comfortably, and well attached.

Picnic baskets come in all shapes and sizes. Over the years, picnic baskets have come alone in leaps and bounds and the options are varied. Australia has best outdoors in the world to enjoy an afternoon out in nature, a leisurely stroll to the park or just a fun day out.

To make it easier to choose the picnic basket that best fits your outdoor and picnicking needs, we have created a simple yet elegant picnic basket with all the advantages and disadvantages of different picnic baskets on the market.

Seagrass Basket Features

Our Everyday Seagrass Bag is 100% natural. Throw your everyday essentials into this eco-friendly and stylish day bag to the beach or local market.

👜 Suited for everyday use.
👋 Braided handle for extra comfort.
💪 Flat base for added structure.
🍃 Natural and durable.

No more soggy sandwiches

Keep components such as dressings, fillings and optional extras stored away in separate containers (chilled if necessary) until they're needed. Add ingredients like goat's cheese or pre-chopped fruit to your dessert at the last minute, and serve up with confidence.

The Cutting Board

If you’ve ever tried cutting hard cheese on a thin, disposable plate held in your lap, you’ll know that a small, lightweight cutting board is a smart piece to bring along. Very handy for slicing cheese, fruit, meat, pickles, or sandwiches, these can also double as a tray or plate.

Food Is The Main Event

Picnic Hampers

The food is the main event of any picnic, so how you choose to transport it can make or break your day. Whether you're feeding many, or just a few and need your food ice cold, or even just at room temperature and away from the sun.

A selection of antipasti is always good, and there are some wonderful choices that don't require preparation or refrigeration

Also a good quality bread with a selection of 2 or 3 cheeses is a great start! Choose breads that will not overpower the flavour of the cheese, such as a classic French baguette or sourdough. 

Salads and sides

Picnic Salads

Pasta and potato salads are perfect for picnics, as the hearty ingredients hold up well, even if they suffer a bit of battering in transit. This super summer allotment salad with English mustard dressing makes the most of any seasonal veg you can find.

Crunchy cucumbers, radishes and red onions are featured but why not also throw in some fennel, celery and spring onions.

Check out our super simple Rocket and Parmesan salad recipe.

Keep Your Cold Drinks...Cold!

Picnic bag for 2

Freezing water in a sports bottle serves two purposes: it will keep your basket contents cool without taking up any extra room, and as it melts, you’ll have icy cold water to sip on.

Whether you go for refreshingly fruity or bold and boozy, pack something to sip on when you're sprawling in the sunshine.

On a cooler day, a flask of coffee, tea or hot chocolate is sure to counter chilly fingers.

Don't forget the bottle opener

Few things are as frustrating as being in the middle of the woods only to discover there’s no way to open a bottle! If you’re packing any kind of beverage in its original container, such as beer, sodas, or wine, be sure to include a corkscrew with a cap opener.

Food safety

Picnic basket set for 2

There's no need to risk a funny tummy if you plan and pack carefully. Cold boxes and ice packs are essential to make sure that items normally stored in the fridge stay as cool as possible, so keep things like meat pies, fish or dairy dishes stowed away, and don't delay tucking in once you've reached your destination.

Grab a bottle of wine, fruit, cheese and some of yummy savoury pastries and head to your favourite spot for some chilled out downtime together. 

Fun & Games

If you're heading to the park, a football or cricket set are Aussie summer must-haves. Frisbees are also popular, as are classic games such as boules and bocce.

Go Eco Friendly

Natural material is always best, as these materials are flexible, durable, and look good. Synthetic materials tend not to have quite the same feel.

Do your bit to combat plastic waste by bringing along your own eco cutlery, bowls and cups.

Today’s best picnics are classy, refined and eco conscious.

And Finally...

Picnic Sets

Long gone are the neon melamine plates and the plastic cutlery of years gone by. For modern picnics, the desirable items are hand-woven hampers, coconut bowls, coconut cups, portable Champagne ice buckets and crisp cotton napkins.

Of course, you’re not required to have a proper picnic basket to enjoy dining al fresco. A tote bag will work too, as will an insulated carrier, or a hard-sided cooler.

And don't forget to keep some food covers, a lighter or matches for birthday candles, and a first aid kit in your picnic stash, along with SPF50+ sunscreen and mozzie repellent.


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