Coconut Bowl Uses

Here are 5 Great Uses for Your Coconut Bowl

Coconut bowls can be used daily by the whole family, the solo traveler and the outdoor adventurer. Everyone who wants to reduce plastic waste can with our coconut bowls and the most amazing thing is the interest they can generate from those who aren’t yet using them.

Coconut Bowls Beach

Talking with family and friends is one thing but leading by example and allowing our positive actions to shine through is another. If you want to show off your beautiful coconut bowls, use them when you have family or friends visit for a meal, place them in your home or bring them with you when you travel.

Coconut bowls are an amazing alternative to plastic for road trips, picnics, barbecues at the beach or for special events. No matter where you use them, the humble coconut bowl is sure to get some attention!

#1 Kitchen

Coconut bowls have a unique and minimalist appearance and are simple enough in their design to be used anywhere at home. Use your coconut bowl in the kitchen to serve meals and snacks. Try a smoothie bowl for breakfast, a healthy salad for lunch, a vegetable pasta dish for dinner and fresh fruit for dessert. If you are having friends or family visit you can serve beautiful meals in your coconut bowls with reusable plant-based cutlery and you can be sure it will start a conversation.

Coconut Bowls in Kitchen

This is a great way to introduce others to the idea of a sustainable or eco-friendly lifestyle and how they can simply reduce plastics in the home by switching over to materials such as coconuts or bamboo. Coconut bowls are suited to both cold and warm foods though are not suited for storing food in the fridge or for reheating food. Do not use your coconut bowl in the oven or microwave.

Clean your coconut bowl with lukewarm soapy water and do not place in the dishwasher. To restore the shine back to your coconut bowl you can polish it with coconut oil or another form of plant-based oil such as flax-seed oil. This should extend the life of your coconut bowl, remember that they come from a raw coconut and that their imperfections give each bowl a special quality. The coconut bowls are environmentally safe so once the coconut bowl has finally worn out, you can discard it back into nature by placing it into the garden.

Ideas for the kitchen:

  • Use coconut bowls for eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Use coconut bowls to serve food at your dinner party.
  • Serve snacks such as fresh fruit or trail mix in your coconut bowl.
  • Make fresh hummus or vegetable dip to serve in your coconut bowl.
  • Use when baking or cooking to separate ingredients such as flour or sugar.
  • A safe option for serving meals for kids is in a coconut bowl.
  • Keep a set in the kitchen which includes the cutlery and a straw.
  • Healthy raw desserts and vegan ice cream look amazing in coconut bowls.

#2 Bathroom

Bamboo bowls are organic and safe to use for multiple purposes. If you are looking for a way to store items in your bathroom in style without using plastic or other harmful materials, then try coconut or bamboo. The bathroom contains an opportunity for us to use a large amount of plastic due to purchasing personal hygiene items such as shampoo, soap, razors etc.

Coconut bowls are a great way for storing items such as your jewelry, hair accessories, cotton tips or reusable makeup wipes on the shelf or in the cabinet. Use your coconut bowl for mixing ingredients to create your own products without harmful chemicals.

Coconut Bowls in Bathroom

Ideas for the bathroom:

  • Store personal hygiene items in your coconut bowl
  • Use a coconut bowl to mix home-made natural beauty products
  • Hair-ties and other accessories can be placed in the coconut bowls
  • Use as a decorative feature in the bathroom or beside the bath

#3 Playroom

Coconut bowls make a great addition to a children’s playroom for art and craft, games or organising storage. You can use the bowls any way you like for storing small wooden blocks, crayons, puzzle pieces etc.

Use the coconut bowls to play outdoors with sand or water and create activities that keep kids healthy and active. In addition to the playroom you can use several coconut bowls to tidy up a children bedroom space by placing them on a shelf or inside drawers.

Coconut Bowl Playroom

Ideas for the playroom:

  • Kids can use coconut bowls for playtime just get creative
  • Use to safely mix items such as natural playdough
  • Serve healthy snacks in coconut bowls for children
  • Kids toys can be stored in the coconut bowls or used for tidying up
  • Coconut bowls are chemical-free making them a safe alternative to plastic

 #4 Outdoors

The lifetime of a coconut bowl depends on what it is used for and how well it is taken care of. Once the coconut is no longer good for use, the best thing about them is that they can be returned to the earth without causing any harm to animals, marine life or to our own health.

The coconut can be used in the garden, to plant small succulents or to fill with water for the birds. You can re-purpose the bowls to use as an outdoor feature or to store items that you use in the garden or shed. If you are travelling away from home, you can always pack your coconut bowls and reusable cutlery and bamboo straws to minimise your use of plastic when you are on the road. Coconut bowls are great for road trips, take away meals and picnics at the beach.

Coconut Bowls Outdoors

Ideas for the Outdoors:

  • Take coconut bowls with you to the beach, a picnic, a barbecue
  • Bring coconut bowls with you when you go camping
  • Pack coconut bowls in the caravan for serving meals in your mobile home
  • Use coconut bowls in the garden

#5 Gifts

Looking for a beautiful and sustainable gift idea? How about eco-friendly items made from coconut and bamboo? You can purchase affordable and unique coconut bowls online in Australia which have been collected from Indonesia and Vietnam and re-purposed. Saved from landfill and considered as ‘waste’ the coconut shell is a versatile gift that may encourage someone to start embracing a more sustainable lifestyle. Combine a coconut bowl with a set of bamboo straws for someone who is passionate about travelling, or a coconut bowl with a vegan recipe book to inspire someone to start trying out plant-based meals or even a coconut bowl filled as a small gift basket. You can be sure that the coconut bowl will make a memorable gift idea for any occasion.

Coconut Bowls as Gifts

With so many different ideas you can use for your coconut bowls there really is no need for us to continue to use plastic. Plant-based materials are now easily available to us, eating a balanced diet of fresh fruit, vegetables and grains reduce the negative impact that a diet high in animal products causes to the environment. Available research demonstrates that a plant-based lifestyle is the best decision one can make for their own health and for the environment.

Surrounding yourself with items which do not harm the planet, or our well-being is easier than ever before with new products continuing to be developed thanks to the growing demand from the community. Remember that as a collective we can continue to be the consumers who refuse plastics from large corporations and instead support eco-friendly and sustainable local businesses that have a sustainable plan for our future.

Oh and by the way we don't recommend using your coconut bowl as a hat :D

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