Camping with your coconut bowl

The All Natural Bowl Perfect for Camping

On my last camping trip to Fraser Island the largest sand island on the planet, I noticed all the campers breaking out their plastic bowls and cups using them once then throwing them away. What a waste.

Fraser Island Camping

Fraser Island is an incredible natural wonderland which supports an abundant diverse ecosystem, so bringing plastic into such a pristine environment just seemed wrong especially when there are better alternatives.

The very next morning I awoke early and retrieved my set of all natural and biodegradable coconut bowls in preparation for a tasty breakfast of fruit and oats.

As I was cutting my banana and preparing my oats I noticed other campers nearby eyeing off my amazing chopping skills on show... or more likely the coconut bowls sitting on my camping table from a distance.

Camping With Coconut Bowls

It wasn't long until I was sitting in my comfy camping chair with my coconut bowl enjoying breakfast when the first passer by shouts out, 'what are you eating from there mate?' I replied 'A COCONUT BOWL'

Not only do coconut bowls feel and look great but they are easy to clean, reusable, light and easy to store but most importantly coconut shell bowls are 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable.

Lake Mckenzie Frazer Island

Just think if we all used alternatives to plastic such as coconut bowls when camping we can help do our bit to keep Fraser Islands ancient sand dunes and lush rainforests clean and pristine for future visitors.

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