8 Starter Tips to Go Sustainable

8 Easy Ways To Go Sustainable & Eco Friendly Today

Eco Friendly Tips


There are many benefits of going eco, one of which is that you’ll be making a conscious effort to protect our Earth. 

Sustainability starts at home, in your household and in your neighbourhood. To save money by going green a little at a time, I suggest picking two or three things to do off the following list that seem easy to start right away.

Living a greener life and creating a more sustainable home is something everyone strives for, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Here are 8 simple eco-friendly changes you can make to do your bit for the environment.

Change has to feel good. It can be challenging, sure, but to be sustainable and eco friendly it has to feel good.

1. Eat local and organic foods.

Don't buy fresh food sourced from overseas, and do shop at your farmers market - you can also freeze produce when it is in season and cheap.

Food with pesticides and chemical fertilisers take energy to make and contaminates the soil and groundwater. Food imported in also uses much more carbon miles.

2. Stop buying plastic water bottles.

Plastic water bottles are bad and we use tonnes of them every year. Get a reusable water bottle and fill it from the tap. If you like me and love sparkling water, ask for a SodaStream for your next birthday. I use a bamboo cup when I'm out and about and it works great.

3. Eat and drink organic where you can

Whether it be wine, coffee, beer, cocoa. Non organic produce is grown on land where rainforests once thrived and pesticides and chemical fertilisers pollute the land and water.

4. BYO Reusable Bag

Get into the habit of carrying your own sturdy bag everywhere you go. Use it to pop in your groceries and various bits and pieces. Say no to plastic bags when asked at the counter.  I use cotton shopping bags which look great and are easily stored in the car.

5. Grow Your Own Food

Start small with a herb garden in a tub. It's really easy to grow your own herbs and veggies at home and you will save a fortune.

Composting can be done even if you live in an apartment and can save a ton of waste from going to the landfill. The newer ones don’t even smell, and worm bins are even more efficient!

You can even grow your own herbs in our coconut bowl planters. They look great and are a great way to upcycle.

6. Be takeaway savvy

Decline single use cutlery and napkins when you can. Some people take their own reusable cutlery, cup or containers. I use bamboo cutlery when I am out and about. It is super easy to store in your bag and cleans easily with water.

7. Eat less meat.

The production of beef and pork pollutes water and generates a lot of methane into the atmosphere. We definitely eat too much meat in the west  - so aim for a meat free meal a week and see how much you like it.

You can also source your meet from smaller local farmers whose farming practices aim not to pollute.

8. Get Better at Recycling

Plan to recycle everything possible. You can even start upcycling items for crafts, gift giving and other uses simply by looking for upcycling ideas. To learn more about what you can and can't recycle see our blog post here.

To shop natural check out our range of sustainable and eco friendly products today.

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