So What Exactly is Recyclable?

Recyclable Glass Bottles

There are many questions as to "what is recyclable and what isn't." To further complicate the issue, there are items that are recyclable, but just aren't accepted by some local operators.

We thought now is a good time for a recycling reminder so we know what you can and can’t put in your recycle bin.

Coffee cups

Disposable cups are a common source of recycling confusion. To keep it simple, throw the cup in the general rubbish and the lid in the plastics recycling.


This cannot be recycled so must go in the general rubbish bin.

Soft plastics

This is basically anything you can scrunch up with your hand and is often used in packaging for food and household items. It can’t be recycled in kerbside bins. 


Whether it’s drink bottles or take-away containers, most councils accept these in kerbside recycling bins. Just remember to give them a quick rinse in water before disposing to remove excess food or liquid. We have a great range of reusable coconut utensils that will cut down single use plastic.


Most of us understand leftover food and scraps cannot be recycled. But did you know organic waste in landfill produces methane gas when decomposing? This gas can be very harmful to the environment. Some local councils will allow you to dispose of food organics in your green bin. Otherwise, you can order your own home compost bin. 

Recycling is a simple yet effective way we can make a positive contribution back to the planet while at home. Getting the whole family involved can also help provide a fun project for everyone to be involved in.

Can you recycle your coconut bowls?

Yes, coconut bowls are 100% natural and can be put in the compost to break down. But some other fantastic ways to recycle your coconut bowl is to turn it into a planter or use it to hold items on your desk. Remember if your coconut bowl is looking a little dull you can bring it back to life with some coconut oil and TLC.

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