Go Green Afterpay Day Sale

Go Green Afterpay Day Sale

Afterpay Day Sale Coconut Bowls

Why go green this Afterpay Day?

We're bringing you four days of incredible eco friendly sales with up to 40% off coconut bowls, cups candles and more! Get a sneak peek here

Choosing green products has numerous benefits to the planet, your health and contributes towards protecting the environment, natural resources, habitats, and biodiversity.

At Coconutsy we close the loop and only use resources that would have otherwise been burnt or buried in landfill.

All our products are 100% natural and can go back to the earth after they are at the end of their life span (which is years). Reducing our waste not only keeps valuable materials out of landfill it also benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our need for new materials.

Each year billions of coconuts are harvested for coconut oil, bio-fuel, water and their tasty white flesh, while 95% of the coconut shells are discarded and burned as waste.

Coconutsy creates coconut bowls, candles and cups from these discarded coconut shells. We work together with farmers, suppliers, customers, recyclers and manufacturers to reclaim valuable resources and use them to make new eco-friendly and zero-waste products.

Making coconut bowls

Reduce, reuse and recycle single use plastics.

Another great way to go green this Afterpay Day is to focus your attention on reducing, reusing and recycling plastics, in particular reducing single use plastics. We have more plastic in the world than we can deal with and if it ends up in the wrong place it can take hundreds of years to breakdown, or worse, pollute our waterways and oceans.

For more information and recycling tips click here.

It is more important than ever to adopt a green lifestyle. These small changes can help reduce the pollution that threatens our health and our environment, while also protecting our natural resources.

Afterpay Day Sale Ends Sunday March 21st.

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