Coconut bowl by the pool

5 Reasons You Need a Coconut Bowl

Everyone loves eating out of a coconut bowl. It is one of those products that you don't know you need until you see one in person. Here are our top 5 reasons you need a coconut bowl in your life.

Acai bowl by the pool

  1. Need inspiration to keep fit and healthy? Coconut bowls are made for healthy bowls like acai bowls, Buddha bowls, healthy smoothies and poke bowls. And as we all know when you eat well you feel good.
  1. Coconut bowls are just so instagramable. All types of yummy recipes look great in coconut bowls including vegan and vegetarian meals. Whip out that bowl, take a snap and remember to tag us @love.coconutsy for some love!
  1. Perfect for the outdoors. We are told time and time again our coconut bowls are perfect for camping picnics, bbqs and anywhere outdoors. Coconut bowls are small, light and easily transported. Plus after you’re done you can just rinse them with clean water and they're good to use again and again.
  1. Save a Coconut! Save the planet... Every time someone buys a coconut bowl they are upcycling a resource that would have either been burned or buried in landfill. This is where we would like to say 'THANKS' you just saved a coconut!
  1. Get adventuress with your recipes. Ever made a poke bowl before? No me either. Let your coconut bowl inspire you to create new and exciting masterpieces in the kitchen. There is a whole world out there of amazing flavours and combinations for your coconut bowl.
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