What Makes Coconut Bowls So Special?

Coconut Bowls Australia

Did you know that over 99% of coconut shells are burned once they are discarded. In other words, increased emission of carbon dioxide and added threat to living creatures.

Sustainable development is all fine, but do you practice it every day? Living an ethical lifestyle goes beyond the social media challenges that we see today. It largely lies in making the right choice to live a sustainable life.

Coconut Bowls Are Made From Nature

One simple and effortless approach to do this is using coconut bowls as an alternative to synthetic and plastic bowls.

Coconut bowls are made of real coconuts. It's hand-carved by skilled craftsmen and polished to give a beautiful look. It can be used to put desserts, salads, granola, or smoothies.

Coconut Bowls

The best part? They are straight out of nature and biodegradable too.

They are designed to withstand any temperature – that means you can put both hot and cold foods. The bowls are durable, and you can use them as breakfast bowls every day.

Coconut shells are mostly coated with organic virgin oil to give them a glossy finish. And since every coconut has a different shape, it's easy to get these one-of-a-kind bowls as per your choice.

Promoting a Greener Planet

By using these gorgeous compostable shells, you're not only promoting a greener planet but also making it a better place for talented artisans.

Sustainable living is not easy, but it starts with making the right choice and choosing the right products, such as coconut bowls, that can go a long way in saving the earth.

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