What are coconut bowls?

What are Coconut Bowls?

What are coconutsy coconut bowls?

A common question we get is what are coconut bowls?

Well if you ask me they are a must have eco-friendly addition to your kitchen. Coconut bowls have a unique and minimalist appearance and are simple enough in their design to be used anywhere at home.

Coconut bowls are made from 100% real coconut shells and are hand crafted from mature coconuts after the edible parts have been harvested. Most coconuts are reclaimed from the agriculture industry that treat coconut shells as a by product after they have extracted the flesh, water, oil and husk. 

To make a coconut bowl the mature coconut shells must be cleaned and the fruit must be removed. Then the shells are cut in half to create a circle (bowl) shape before they are sanded to create a smooth finish. The bowls are polished with coconut oil to create their unique and final look.

Coconut bowls are popular today because they are sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan and the best way to enjoy your favourite smoothie bowls and nice-creams, acai bowls, curries, Buddha bowls, rice dishes, salads and more.
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You forgot to mention coconut bowls helps the environment and supports rural craftspeople. love my bowls! ordering the large size as well now!


As I have started a plant based diet these bowls are absolutely beautiful and they will look divine in my kitchen and my table what you serve your favorite food in is just as impressive as what you cook. I am a fan. Thank you to this amazing company for delivering these amazing products. Keep up the great work.

Sylvia Atkins

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