Top Tips For Sustainable Easter Fun And Crafts

Top Tips For Sustainable Easter Fun And Crafts

Easter is a big celebration for many Australian families, and a great chance to get everyone together to catch up (and eat a little bit of chocolate of course)!

There are plenty of ways to cut down on your Easter carbon footprint this year - here are our top tips for a sustainable, low waste Easter weekend.


Wicker Easter basket with eggs

Stunning Easter baskets don't have to cost the earth! Putting together Easter baskets is a tradition in many households but the extra packaging, plastic, confetti and other decorations can make these hampers a big source of Easter waste.

Try to steer towards compostable materials such as cotton fabrics, shredded paper and wood. You can create your own DIY Easter basket for a fraction of the price and reduce the rubbish associated with shop bought options. Have a go at weaving your own basket from old materials or swap plastic grass with live cuttings from the garden.


Palm leaf bowl with fresh vegetables

Palm leaf tableware provides a more sustainable option for entertaining

Disposable plastic cups, cutlery and plates are a big environmental issue, with too many items polluting our oceans and harming wildlife.

Encourage guests to bring their own reusable receptacles for drinks, and provide bins for recycling eligible bottles through Containers4Change. 

Palm leaf partyware is a great non-toxic sustainable alternative to disposable plastic table ware. 100% biodegradable and compostable, palm leaf plates and bowls can often be wiped clean and reused too.


homemade easter biscuits on a tray

Homemade Easter treats look and taste great

Get creative! You can create your own beautiful Easter gifts and treats to replace plastic-wrapped eggs and lollies. The homemade touch always leaves a warm and fuzzy feeling!

Easter chicken craft with hands

Sustainable Easter crafts can be great fun

Making your own seed balls can be a wonderful gift for a gardener, and a great alternative to gifting cut flowers at Easter. Homemade seed balls can be produced with native seeds or bee friendly flowers for an eco-friendly splash of colour.

Seed bomb in hands



Feeling less crafty but still keen to drop single use items? Try swapping plastic or foil wrapped eggs for wooden eggs that can be reused year after year! The wooden eggs can be collected and exchanged for prizes or treats. It's a fun way to hide treasure for an Easter hunt and they don't melt on a warm day!
Painted eggs in nest on table

Chook eggs can also be hard boiled and painted to create eco friendly Easter decorations and gifts.


Did you know that aluminium foil is 100% recyclable? Scrunch it into a ball about the size of a tennis ball and pop it into your yellow top recycling bin.

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