Top 10 Eco-Friendly New Year Resolutions

Top 10 Eco-Friendly New Year Resolutions

Top 10 Eco-Friendly New Year Resolutions

The New Year is coming upon us, which means it’s time to set goals to become the best you that you can be.

If you’re dedicated to improving yourself, why not help the environment while you’re at it? Here are some easy, fun, eco-friendly New Year resolutions that will help you do good and feel good.

1. Go outside more

We live on a beautiful planet, and a little green makes a difference in my mood, my day, my week, and my life. I like to see the clouds float by, feel the sun shine on my skin, and watch the trees sway in the breeze.

I feel connected with nature, and when I commit to go outside it reaffirms my appreciation towards mother earth and reminds me of my passion in sustainable living. It also makes me feel small, which is a grounding experience.

2. Use Green Beauty and Bath Products

For the past four months I have almost exclusively used all-natural bath and self-care products, and I want to continue that throughout the New Year! My skin has feel clear and pure, as if it can finally breathe. I haven’t gotten any skin irritations or random breakouts. If you take a read on dermal absorption, you’ll see how important it is to switch to eco-products.

3. Volunteer

There are so many volunteer opportunities in the world to support eco-friendly causes!  Small, determined groups are people are the only forces that have ever changed anything. A little act by you can have a domino difference, and you’ll love the feel of giving back!

4. Always Carry a Reusable Shopping Bag

I always intend to bring a reusable bag with me to the store, but 9 times out of 10 I’ll accidentally leave it in my car. So, I’m pledging to have a compact reusable bag in my purse at all times for the upcoming year. Easy.

Grow Something

Plants bring life to a room. Tending to seedlings allows you to take care of something and watch it grow. It reminds us of the essentials and simplicity of life and brings a sliver of self-worth to yourself…seriously!

5. Host a Clothing Swap Party

I am a thrift-a-holic by day, and sustainable-conscious clothing brand buyer by night. I want to share my love of eco-fashion with my friends, which is why I pledge to host a swap party!

The rules are simple: invite you friends over and tell them to bring any clothes that they’re tired of. You throw the clothes into a pile in the living room and take turns picking items from the pile, trying them on, and drinking wine. It’s a really fun excuse to get together.

It’s also so special to see your friend look amazing in a clothing piece you’ve never really had a heart towards. It’s a cool concept of donating, except you’re lucky to immediately see the second life your clothes are granted.

6. Bring Your Lunch to Work

During my lunch break at work I’ll grab something quick, like fast food, and end up with a lot of paper, plastic, and non-degradable waste with every meal. I am planning to bring my lunch to work at least 3-4 times a week, using reusable containers to make my lunches zero-waste.

7. Run a Half Marathon

In lieu of being outside more, I want to put a big stamp on my calendar to keep me accountable. I’ve decided to do something scary, and to me, that means I’m running a marathon!

Exercise keeps you in shape (duh) and helps you to make better choices in life. It helps you eat better, move more, and adds a little spunk and energy into your life. Basically, being healthy means making healthy choices, which goes hand-in-hand with being sustainable.

I hope to eat healthy by picking organic, local products, choosing to walk to the supermarket instead of drive, and to reduce sluggishness by getting my butt outside to see and be seen. I think that this goal will only do good, and I’m looking forward to forcing myself into a wave of self-improvements for the new year.

8. Install LED Light Bulbs

I moved into my apartment which has had small yellowish bulbs in the light fixtures for who knows how long. By switching to LED, you can save close to 50 watts of energy and around $40 a month! It’s one of many really simple New Year resolutions that can have great sustainable impacts, financially and environmentally.

9. Go Paperless

I’m switching from mailed bills to digital payments, and swapping hard checks to direct deposit. It’ll only take a couple minutes to set these databases up, and you’ll be saving paper all year long.

Whatever you decided to change for the next year, do it for yourself, and do it for the good of the earth! Create New Year Resolutions that make you happy and create a better life for yourself and others. 

What you do makes a difference, I believe in that.
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