Our Koalas Are At Crisis Point

Our Koalas Are At Crisis Point

east coast koalas

As you're probably aware, the conservation status of east coast koalas has recently been up listed from 
Vulnerable to Endangered.

The Australian Government has now officially listed koalas as an endangered species in Queensland, New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territory.

It’s tragic that we’ve had to come this close to losing our most iconic species – our enduring symbol of Australia.

It’s official recognition that they are now one step closer to EXTINCTION.

In the last two decades alone, Queensland’s koala population has dropped by a staggering 50%, with New South Wales koalas suffering a 62% decline over the same period

The biggest threat koalas face is habitat loss.

Australia is one of the world’s worst offenders when it comes to tree-clearing – tearing down tens of millions of trees each year. Current laws just haven’t been strong enough to protect their forests.

Also, the effects of climate change are only making a bad situation worse. As we know so well from this year’s devastating floods, extreme weather events are causing additional stresses that directly threaten koalas’ survival.

Miraculously, though, koalas are still hanging on. That's why I hope you'll get behind three very exciting projects as part of Koalas Forever.

They are directly aimed at doubling koala numbers by 2050 in east coast states, by protecting and restoring habitat, creating koala safe havens and boosting the health of our remaining populations

By helping protect and plant trees, you can give koalas a place to call home – to safely feed and care for their young. You can support the creation of safe passages to protect koalas from threats on the ground. And you can help boost their health so that there are resilient populations for the future.

Your generosity will be a sign of your support for conservation and animal advocacy, ensuring our iconic koalas remain part of our environment forever.

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