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Guide to a Conscious Gift Giving Christmas

Christmas Tree

Looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones? Wanting to decorate your home without the plastic and the waste? Searching for simple, but delicious coconut bowl recipes your family will love? You have found the right place!
Now, I love presents. Nothing beats the feeling of giving someone a gift you know they’ll love. But there are some simple ways we can change our gift-giving behaviour to make it a little more sustainable, eco-friendly and meaningful this Christmas.

Sustainable Gift Giving

Sustainable Gift Giving

Is anything more wonderful than finding the perfect gift for someone? How about gift-giving accompanied by the knowledge that your gift is also a gift for the planet?   

This year, we encourage you to give gifts that truly come from the heart and gifts that are kind to the planet and your pocket. 

With that in mind, check out our Christmas Gift Guide - with no plastic in sight!

Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree

Coconut Bowl with Plant

This year, don’t buy a plastic, artificial Christmas tree. Instead, decorate an indoor or outdoor plant. All you need to do is step outside your house, pick a tree on your property and go all-out with decorations. By doing so, you’ll avoid adding to the planet’s increasing plastic waste problem and save money.

Or you can create a Christmas tree in your very own coconut bowl. Just find your favorite plant or succulent and plant it in one of our jumbo coconut bowls. It looks fantastic and is a great alternative to a plastic Christmas Tree.

Recycle Gift Wrapping

Sustainable gift wrapping

Doesn’t it make your eye twitch to see the mounds of plastic ribbons going into the trash on Christmas morning?  

Christmas wrapping paper gets torn off in a matter of seconds, strewn all around the lounge room then thrown in the bin never to be used again. 

Instead of buying wrapping paper this year, reuse any leftover wrapping you might have saved or wrap your gifts in newspaper, fabric, hessian or best yet your Christmas junk mail. 

Get junk-mail through your letterbox? Use it as wrapping paper for your gifts or have you read the latest issue of your fav magazine back to back? Recycle it. And if you want to get extra conscious, wrap your gifts with an article you know the recipient is going to love for double whammy gifting points.

Keep any paper bags that make their way into your home, year-round. These make excellent recycled gift-wrapping options. Even mushroom bags (used as they are or turned inside out) can be made to look eco-chic with string and handmade tags. 

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