Go Low Plastic with Coconut Bowls

Go Low Plastic In A High Plastic World

No PlasticSingle use plastics are everywhere. We all know that plastic is overused in our society from water bottles to takeaway coffee cups and choosing the right eco-friendly alternatives can be very difficult in our day to day lives.

This is why we started our little eco-friendly store Coconutsy, to help others find great sustainable products like coconut bowls, bamboo straws, coconut candles, sea grass bags, coconut cups and so much more.

Step one in moving forward from our plastic addiction is admitting we have a problem. That's exactly what I had to do to reduce my plastic use. And while I am no means the most strict zero-waste guru, I'm a whole lot better than I used to be saving hundreds of single use plastic items each year.

How to reduce your plastic use at home

Say no to single-use shopping bags.
Leave your reusable shopping bags in the car. Or for a smaller number of items just use your hands.

Stop buying halves of fruit at the supermarket.
All that extra packaging is such a waste and not needed. Make sure you buy your fruit whole and not wrapped in and plastic nasties.

Say no to plastic straws
You can do it. You can lift that glass to your lips. But if you must use a straw then check out our reusable and sustainable bamboo straws.

Keep herbs fresh by wrapping in a damp tea-towel.
This works a treat and will save you using zip-lock bags.

Jars, Jars and more Jars
I have them everywhere and use them for just about everything. From freezing leftovers to table condiments they are fantastic and will cost you nothing.

Ditch the plastic wrap
You can now buy reusable covers or bees-wax covers.

Approximately 60% of the worlds plastic production is used once and then thrown away.

Make the switch to plastic-free coconut bowls and bamboo straws

Coconut bowls, wood spoons and bamboo straws add a touch of nature to your kitchen. Eating and sipping straight from a natural product can encourage us all to live a more eco-friendly existance.

Coconutsy bowls and spoons are perfect for making vegan smoothie bowls, breakfast bowls, buddha bowl creations, acai bowls, and more! Completely handmade from reclaimed coconuts and best of all plastic free!

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