Coconut Palm Wood

Using Coconut Palm Wood to Make Coconut Spoons and Forks

Did you know all our coconut spoons, forks and chopsticks are all made from eco-friendly, organic and reusable coconut palm wood. 

Coconut palm wood is considered sustainable and eco-friendly because it is harvested from already existing plantations. In effect, coconut palm wood is a by-product of coconut production. Each year, millions of old coconut trees are cut down and burnt. What a waste!

Coconut palm wood makes an ecologically-sound substitute for hardwood such as ebony wood. The texture of the wood is beautiful and quite unique consisting of denser black fibers that create its strength durability and light areas. The black fibers seem to run as columns up and down the tree. Lack of branches on the coconut tree mean that there is no knotting in the wood.

All our coconut wood spoons, forks and chopsticks are handcrafted from eco-friendly coconut palm wood then sanded, cleaned and polished using coconut oil for a smooth silky finish making them the perfect addition to your coconut bowl and the environment! 

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