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Coconut Bowls, Sustainability and Christmas

Have you ever stopped to consider the environmental impact the holiday season has on your local community?

Food waste, single-use plastic, consumption of animal products, every aspect of a tradition such a Christmas can be an opportunity to make an eco-friendly choice! Now, more than ever, it is easier to create a gift-giving plan that does not involve bringing harm to the earth or to the people around you.

Christmas Waste

On average, our individual plastic-waste increases by around 30% during the Christmas season with Australian’s using more than 150,000km of wrapping paper and receiving over 20 million unwanted gifts annually. With waste production peaking at Christmas time it is easy to feel unsure where to begin with consumerism pressing us to invest our money on products that are created by corporations that do not have a sustainable plan for the environment.

If you are feeling unsure about where to start creating a green Christmas, remember, that you as an individual can do great things for the environment by choosing to purchase eco-friendly items and show others just how easy it is!

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Check out some great ways to reduce your environmental footprint this upcoming Christmas season.

  • Choosing gifts that are certified vegan, eco-friendly, organic, sustainable
  • Sending e-cards
  • Using recyclable gift wrap
  • Vegan meals and reduction of food waste
  • Gifting experiences
  • Donating left-over or unopened food
  • Buying local items and scaling down on excessive gifts
  • Up-cycle or choose not to purchase new items
  • Quality over quantity such as reusable gifts
  • Create something at home such as handmade cards or baked goods
  • Give a charitable gift or donation to an organization

Searching for a beautiful gift idea?

Look at the new Coconutsy Coconut Bowl Candle. Featuring a real coconut shell, coconut-soy wax blend and a crackling wooden wick, the coconut bowl candles burn for more than 50 hours. Their tropical aroma will take you away on a blissful beach holiday and make your home smell lovely without harmful chemicals.

Each candle is eco-friendly and vegan with each one being individually hand-made with love. The 100% organic candles are made from natural soy wax with a crackling wooden wick which makes them burn slowly with the scent of coconut they are ideal for relaxing at home.

Coconut Bowls additionally make a wonderful gift idea for anyone to use at home or when travelling. The coconut bowls are lightweight, organic, vegan and durable with each bowl having a unique hand-crafted look.

coconutsy coconut candles christmas

Tips for the home:

Christmas Cards – Annually in Australia over 300 million greeting cards are exchanged but almost 50% of these are Christmas cards. Homemade cards are a beautiful touch and can be created on eco-friendly or recycled paper. Sending an e-card is another way to avoid purchasing large numbers of Christmas cards.

Christmas Decorations – Avoid purchasing new decorations especially those created with plastic or in plastic packaging. Reuse old decorations and try up-cycling with materials from your home. Use recycled paper to create rings to make decorations with and replace plastic tinsel.

Christmas Wrapping – Recycled brown paper is a beautiful option when wrapping gifts instead of plastic packaging or plastic lines paper that cannot be recycled. Avoid plastic bows, ribbons and excess glitter decorations that cannot be recycled.

Lights – Minimise the number of fairy lights and outdoor lights or switch over to solar lights for the garden area to reduce energy consumption. Replace burnt-out bulbs with new ones instead of discarding the entire line and switch to LED bulbs to be more energy efficient.

Plastic Free Dinner – Parties and Barbeques are commonplace in Australia during the summertime for Christmas and we often purchase, use and throw away a large amount of single-use plastics. Avoid plastic straws (we don’t really need them), plastic plates, plastic cutlery, plastic cups and plastic food packaging by using recycled plant-based materials and bringing food in Tupperware containers or coconut bowls.


The festive season is soon upon us, so it is a good time to plan your ideas for an eco-friendly Christmas. Make a list of gift ideas, create a simple and delicious plant-based menu and remember that often – less is more. Coconutsy gift items can be easily purchased online and delivered to your home making them a great gift idea.
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