Coconutsy and Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia Day in Brisbane


Coconutsy team cleaning up on Clean Up Australia Day
Clean Up Australia Day inspires thousands of Australians to take to their local park, beach, bushland, streets and schools to clean up their local environments.


It’s amazing that so many people are getting together to make a difference. And that’s the point - that the actions of individuals can achieve something significant together.

The team at Coconutsy is ready to step up and donate their time to clean up the Kedron Brook Creek Brisbane.

We pledge to borrow from mother nature and always innovate with her best interests in mind.

The Kedron Brook is a creek that flows through the northern suburbs of Brisbane and is lined with parks and sporting facilities. Unfortunately the location is also littered with rubbish that flows down the creek and into our oceans.

Our team goal is to remove all rubbish from the creek and adjoining parks over a 3 hour period on Sunday morning. Volunteers are rewarded with a cool and healthy smoothie in a coconut bowl for a job well done!

To join a Clean Up group or register your own visit the Clean Up Australia Day website.

Can you believe community registrations for this year's Clean Up Australia Day have exceeded last year's numbers, which just shows there are a LOT of people just like you who are genuinely concerned about the environment at the moment.

No surprise, really - the annual Rubbish Report, released last week revealed plastic waste increased last year, with further research indicating it will rise further in 2021 as a direct outcome of the pandemic.

Inspire your family and friends to help make a change by sharing your personal pledge on social media and tagging @CleanUpAustralia or follow the #StepUptoCleanUp 

Will you make a pledge towards reducing your own waste contribution?

Could you Step Up by saying no to straws? To bringing your own water bottle? To composting? To buying recycled, to choosing not to buy fast fashion or refusing to purchase fruit and vegetables pre-wrapped in plastic?

There are so many ways to Step Up! And thousands of small steps make a big difference! Together we can all be part of the solution.

While participating in cleaning up the community is a fantastic way to help our environment, eliminating any rubbish you contribute to the environment is even better. You can do this by avoiding disposable products and instead buy eco friendly alternatives such as reusable bags, eco cutlery and reusable bamboo straws.

Check out our full range of eco friendly products here.

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