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A Conscious Christmas - Coconutsy Gift Guide 2020

Christmas Gift Guide


Need inspiration for eco friendly Christmas gift ideas this year?

Being kind to earth during the festive months is often difficult... And eco friendly Christmas gifts can be harder to find. But don't worry! Here is the ultimate list of eco friendly gift ideas to ensure you have a much more sustainable Christmas!

Environmentally Friendly Gifts

Our sustainable gift ideas use materials that already exist, support artisans and workers, minimise the negative impact on the environment, and give back in a positive manner.

Shop these eco-friendly gifts if you're determined to ensure that this Christmas is your most ethical and environmentally friendly yet!

Original Coconut Bowl Eco Set

Christmas Gift Idea - Original Coconut Bowl Eco Set

A true favourite, this Christmas gift set includes all our eco friendly best sellers so they can jump start their zero waste journey and sustainable lifestyle.


  • 2x Coconut Bowls
  • 2x Coconut Wood Spoon
  • 2x Coconut Wood Fork
  • 1x Christmas Recipe Card

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Tropical Coconut Bowl Gift Set

Tropical coconut bowl gift set

What do you get that couple for Christmas that already has everything? How about this coconut bowl gift set for two featuring all our favourite eco-friendly products.

We've brought together some of our favourites in this exclusive gift set so you can bring healthy living, sustainability and a tropical lifestyle to the home & kitchen.


  • 2x Coconut Bowls.
  • 2x Wooden Coconut Spoons.
  • 2x Coconut Husk Rings.
  • 1x Coconutsy Kraft Gift Box.

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Jumbo Coconut Bowl Gift Set

Jumbo coconut bowl gift set

Surprise your friend, work wife or loved one with an eco-friendly and environmentally conscious gift set.

Handmade from the largest discarded coconuts we can find, our Jumbo Coconut Bowls are sanded smooth and polished with coconut oil so you can eat from them right away!


  • 2x Jumbo Coconut Bowls
  • 2x Coconut Wood Spoons
  • 1x Toasted Coconut Candle
  • 1x Bamboo Straws Travel Set

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Eco Plate Party Set

Coconut plates gift set

Planning a Christmas party at home? Let these coconut plates take you on a journey to a tropical wonderland and celebrate while doing your part to help the environment.

Our eco friendly plates are made in the most natural and organic way, are 100% plant-based and reusable over and over again.


  • 4x Coconut Plates
  • 1x FREE Jumbo Coconut Bowl
  • 4x Coconut Chopsticks
  • 4x Coconut Forks

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Toasted Coconut Candle

Coconut candle Christmas gift

Whether you are looking for a taste of the Christmas holiday or an awesome way to help reduce waste, these 100% natural coconut shell candles are perfect!

Enjoy the flicker of the flame, ambient light and tropical scent of our coconut candles that will quickly turn your home into a place of relaxation and serenity.

Featured in a real coconut shell, these hand poured coconut candles look and smell incredible.

Beautifully scented with natural oils, coconut candles give you that relaxed holiday at home feeling with their ambient light and crackling wooden wick. 

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Boho Bungalow Combo

Seagrass bag Christmas gift set

Give your home that 'Boho Bungalow' feel with our Havana Seagrass Bag and hand carved Boho bowls combo.

This collection is inspired by natural textures, patterns and colours to create a warm laid-back vibe and features an open weave natural seagrass bag, custom carved coconut bowls and coconut wood spoons.


  • 1x Boho Seagrass Bag
  • 2x Boho Coconut Bowls
  • 2x Coconut Wood Spoons

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Christmas doesn’t have to be a waste-filled event. Whether you’re catering for your family or a large group of friends, you can have Christmas with all the trimmings… but not the waste with our eco-friendly coconut bowls and accessories. 

We have Australia's largest and best range of coconut inspired eco gift ideas. Discover our huge range of Christmas goodies for mums, dads, secret santa, garden lovers, home cooks and more.

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