Celebrate World Vegan Day

Vegan Easy Challenge

If you’ve been curious to give a vegan lifestyle a try or know someone who could do with a friendly nudge in that direction
, next month is the perfect time to join thousands of fellow plant-curious challengers!

The joys and benefits of veganism are advocated on this dedicated day, highlighting just how easy it is to go for this cruelty-free lifestyle as well as generate awareness on rights for our furry friends.

The movement has been gaining traction lately, with a lot of its popularity owed to prominent celebrities who have committed to veganism over the past few years.

Celebrate World Vegan Day and sign up for the November Vegan Easy Challenge!

Every participant will receive practical support and encouraging guidance throughout the program’s 30 days – including recipes, meal plans, informative emails, videos, access to a support group and experienced vegan mentors.

Plus, if you begin on November 1, there will be prize giveaways throughout the month too!

The day also is a perfect chance for individuals to advocate the lifestyle, share ideas and sensitize their friends on its importance as well as how they feel.

Explore all things animal-friendly and Kickstart a Kinder, Greener Life.

@veganeasy OR

Why go Vegan?

  1. Lower your risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  2. Get and stay slim effortlessly.
  3. Show kindness and compassion to animals.
  4. Save the environment and stop climate change.
  5. Better skin and digestion.
  6. Boost your mood.
  7. Try our vegan bowls recipes.

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