Coconut Bowl outside of microwave

Can you microwave your coconut bowl?

It's something you usually don't think twice about, grabbing some tasty leftovers and zapping them for a few minutes in the microwave. But think twice before you microwave your coconut bowl as it may crack under extreme heat.

Coconut bowls are 100% natural and are exactly what they're called...a bowl made from a coconut shell. Because of this coconut bowls don’t like super hot food as it can cause them to crack, use your coconut bowls to eat room temperature and cool foods, no hot soups I'm afraid!

If you do put your coconut bowl in the microwave you may get lucky and nothing will happen, but constant use in the microwave will definitely end up cracking or even warping your coconut bowl.

Coconut bowls are long lasting and durable when a little care is taken, just don't put them in the microwave.

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