Black Friday Sales 2020

Go Plastic Free this Black Friday

Plastic Free Black Friday

Go Green This Black Friday

For ethical and sustainable brands that can be a bit pricey compared to their plastic counterparts, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales can definitely make supporting conscious brands a bit easier on your wallet.

Makers of sustainable products often put special care into quality because they want to minimise the use of resources and generation of waste by ensuring that your eco products are durable and usable for as long as possible.

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How to shop black Friday sustainably in 2022

With increasing pressure on all of us to protect the planet's scarce natural resources, there is never a better time to form green and sustainable shopping habits.

It's difficult to grapple with one's own impact on the environment. Although small changes can seem futile in the face of the hundreds of millions of metric tons of plastic thrown away each year, this change has to start on an individual level. 

At Coconutsy we’re on a mission to change the way businesses operate and interact with customers and communities, and put a stop to mindless plastic consumption. We have ambitions to make waves not ripples when it comes to social and environmental impacts, and this is just the beginning.

We have listed some tips to choose eco friendly alternatives this Black Friday.

Choose Eco Friendly Products

Eco-friendly alternatives are products that do not harm the environment, whether in their production, use or disposal.

The use of eco-friendly or zero-waste products is an important step in protecting the environment. When choosing green products you can help conserve energy, minimise your carbon footprint or the emission of greenhouse gases, and reduce toxicity or pollution in our environment.

Shop Black Friday Bamboo Straws

One of the best examples of an eco friendly alternative are bamboo straws which are a great replacement to plastic single use plastic straws. Switching to reusable straws will lower the amount of pollution in our oceans, and less pollution means less harm to the environment and marine life!

We want you to be able to shop with peace of mind, knowing that the products you buy from us are helping to care for a healthy world.

Choose products that are sustainably made. 

When purchasing a new product a great question to ask yourself is what materials do they use?

Are they choosing to work with raw materials that are sustainably produced or are they working with chemicals? Are they buying the best, most quality raw materials or are they cutting corners and delivering a less than stellar product.

Sustainably scoured products

Our eco friendly products that are made out of recycled materials. These recycled products help reduce the need for new raw materials and the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators.

At Coconutsy we create coconut bowls, coconut candles and coconut cups from discarded coconut shells and source all our products from materials that were destined to be thrown away.

Look for brands that use eco friendly packaging.

One of the biggest waste of materials from companies is the packaging that surrounds the product. From poly bags for clothing to single use plastic containers for make-up, the material matters.

By definition, eco-friendly packaging is any packaging that’s easy to recycle, safe for individuals and the environment, and is made out of recycled materials. It uses materials and manufacturing practices with minimal impact on energy consumption and natural resources.

Eco Friendly Black Friday Packaging

The average Australian uses 130 kg of plastics per person each year. And a whopping 130,000 tonnes of plastic will likely end up in waterways and into the ocean. If we don’t take action on this, this plastic pollution can threaten our marine wildlife and contaminate our food chain.

When looking to purchase a new product, look closely at what the packaging material is made up of. Avoid buying products that have been excessively packaged, or packaged in materials that can't be recycled.

When you go to the store, always bring a reusable shopping bag (or several) with you. A simple net or cloth bag eliminates the need for paper or plastic bags, saving energy and resources.

Look for Plant Based Products

Vegan Australia Certification

In order for a product to be vegan certified it must not contain animal or animal by-products and not be involved in animal testing of any ingredients or finished products.

Our products are completely plant based, which means there is no use of any animal products during the crafting and manufacturing  process.

Coconutsy is Vegan certified by Vegan Australia.

Support Australian Companies that Give Back on Black Friday

As the world welcomes a new era of sustainability and customers grow more environmentally and socially conscious, businesses too are evolving with the times.

We all like to give back and support those in need. There are a lot of different businesses using their reach to support organisations around the world to create a better future for generations to come.

Thanks to your support on Black Friday we will plant over 200 Blue Gums this weekend on private property which was cleared in the late 1950s.

Preserving Koala Habitat

Blue Gums are one of the most important 🐨 koala food trees growing 20 to 40 metres tall and provide much needed habitat. The koala is one of Australia's most loved and iconic animals, but did you know that their existence is under threat.

Over the past year we have planted over 1500 trees on cleared farm land from the Sunshine Coast to Byron Bay. To date, more than 120 species of native trees, ground-covers and shrubs have been grown with all the native seed collected from the local area.

This is a task we are really passionate about and is only possible with the support from our customers. So thank you!

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