Coconut Bowl Review by Megan

A Coconut Bowl Review by Megan

Coconut bowl reviews

Coconut Bowls are simply one of my most loved discoveries that I have incorporated into my travels. I think a product which is vegan, sustainable and comes 100% from plant-based materials is one that you can’t go wrong with purchasing! 

I use a coconut bowl when I travel by packing one into my backpack and carrying it with me on the road. The bowls are only small and lightweight so I can easily wrap one within my clothes and place it into my bag without even noticing it is there. I take my coconut bowl with me and enjoy making a healthy salad or smoothie to enjoy any time of the day.

The bowls make an alternative to using plastic and can simply be washed in warm soapy water and packed away again. I can use the bowls for snacks, cereal, dips, and healthy fruit salads. They look beautiful in photo’s and I know that they are completely safe and sustainable making them one of my favourite items. As a minimalist, I travel all around with very little material possessions and like to make to sure what I use won’t harm the environment.

Getting creative and motivated to make some simple changes will benefit the environment and bring about some new habits that will have you loving your new eco-friendly items in no time! When we consider our need for environmental sustainability, we realise that there is no one way to fix the issues but we must alter our approach to start making a small difference which will have a great impact as a collective. If everyone started to refuse plastics and choose reusable items such as bags, cutlery and bowls it would have an amazing effect on our local community.

Love Megan


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