Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

9 Easy & Healthy Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

Children need plenty of choices to keep the lunch box both interesting and nutritious.

Since kids grow up fast and childhood is the prime growth time, they require sufficient vitamins and minerals to keep up with their body’s demands.

Don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of healthy, ridiculously simple, and easy-to-prep lunch box ideas for kids that you can switch up throughout the year. 

Let’s get started.

1. Egg salad with berries & veggies

Eggs are crucial for your child’s growth. They contain a variety of vitamins and minerals such as iron and proteins. Egg salad is a fulfilling lunch for kids as it’ll prevent snacking up on processed foods. Place this amazing egg salad recipe on a slice of bread with sides of apples, raspberries, blueberries, broccoli, radish, and/or cucumber. 

2. Tortilla chips with salsa

If nothing else, you can slip some tortilla chips or nachos with a side of salsa sauce, jalapenos (if that’s something your child would prefer), and a cheese dip. It’ll be an awesome lunch idea for a hectic school day and would certainly put a smile on your kid’s face!

3. Popcorn, sandwich, and tomatoes

Tomatoes are packed with essential nutrients and are one of the best hydrating fruits for summer. Kids are prone to dehydration while playing outdoors - so a few baby tomatoes along with a chicken spread or mayonnaise sandwich would be quite energizing for your child. Plus, snacking up on popcorn would be heavenly after a tedious class, don’t you think?

4. Pasta salad

Another super delicious healthy lunch box idea for your school-going kid! Pasta is quite fulfilling and has so many possibilities to experiment with flavours and textures. Here’s one of the easiest and quickest pasta salad lunches with grapes that you can try this summer!

5. Granola and veggie lunch

If you’re looking for a simple 5-minute lunch box recipe for your kids, you can’t go wrong with granola and veggie mix. Cut up a few slices of carrots and cucumbers. In a small compartment or box, add some tablespoons of granola. On the side, mix some berries in yogurt and it’s ready to go!

6. Cheese crackers with fruits 

This super easy cheese crackers recipe takes about 10 minutes to make and will be a superb addition to your kid’s lunch box. All you need to do is cut up bite-size cheese pieces, add a few crackers, and place some pieces of apple, grapes, or oranges to go as a healthy side!

7. Rice cakes

Brown rice cakes are a wonderful lunch box idea for your child. Rice is an excellent source of carbs, proteins, and minerals necessary for an instant energy boost but compared to bread, it’s a more fun snack than nutritious. However, these delicious rice cakes are worth adding to your kid’s lunch box along with some nuts, raisins, or butter toppings. 

8. Turkey sandwich

If your child loves turkey sandwiches, this is yet another great lunch box idea for kids. Turkey is packed with essential nutrients necessary for a power boost. Your kid will remain super active throughout the day with this simple turkey sandwich lunch with a side of crackers and/or oranges. 

9. Mini pizzas

Yes, we saved the best one for the last! You can never go wrong with a pizza, can you? This really simple mini pizza lunch recipe can be made in a few minutes, granted you have the dough and veggies ready in the morning. Then all you need to do is assemble the favourite pizza sauce, cheese, and other toppings on top and bake the mini pizza for some time while your kid’s having breakfast. Seriously, your kid’s gonna love you so hard!

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