5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Green Lifestyle

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Green Lifestyle

We’ve all heard about the importance of ‘going green’ and taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint. For most western countries, the discussion has become an integral part of life and society.

Homeowners are encouraged to recycle more diligently, use water sparingly, and invest in eco-friendly products. Yet, such talk can feel distant from real lives and real families.


What people really want to know is exactly how going green will benefit them. Will it improve their lives or be a hindrance? Is it financially viable for families to swap out all their bulbs for energy efficient ones or invest in solar panel technologies? What changes need to be made to accommodate an eco-friendly lifestyle and are they worth the time?

If you’re a homeowner, these questions are probably very important to you. So, let’s take a closer look at the financial and practical advantages of eco-living.

Substantial Cost Savings

The most obvious benefit of increasing your green credentials, particularly at home, is that it will save you money. You’ll cut costs in all kinds of different areas. With the support of Creative Lighting Solutions Australia, for example, you can slash electricity bills by replacing ordinary bulbs with eco-friendly LEDs. Bigger changes like cycling or catching the bus two or three times a week, instead of taking the car, will save you money on petrol and parking fees.


A Warmer, Cosier House

The key to eco-living is all about eliminating waste. This is especially important in the home, where we pay for hundreds of dollars of lost central heating every year. The good news is that the government offers plenty of support for families who want to insulate their houses. With high-quality roof and wall insulation, it is possible to save upwards of $100 every year on utility bills. Your home will also be easier to heat, more comfortable in the winter, and your dependency on central heating will decrease.

Stronger, Fitter, Healthier

The health benefits of living an eco-friendly life are just as numerous. It is possible to greatly increase your physical wellbeing by eating organic produce, using fewer aerosols and harsh household chemicals, and planting more trees and shrubs in your garden. Lowering your dependence on electricity and utilising natural daylight with broad, expansive skylights is another way to boost your mood and make your home feel healthier. If you own a business, it could be worth experimenting with a monthly ‘remote working’ day to shake up tired routines and save the premises twenty-four hours of power.


You Get to Save the Planet

While it is certainly true that talk about global warming can feel detached from personal, practical routines, the reality is that it affects us all. Life will become harder for everybody if more isn’t done to slow the impact of climate change on our weather patterns, crop systems, and natural landscapes. If every household contributes just a little bit by using energy efficient light bulbs or recycling their plastic, there could be big changes. And, the thing to remember is that eco-friendly rarely means giving up comforts. It only means making better, more informed choices that are kinder to the environment.

How to Make Energy Efficient Lighting the First Step

One of the simplest steps towards a greener home life is to invest in energy efficient light bulbs. They are extremely affordable, widely available, and will save you money each year on recouped electricity. A single LED bulb can shine for a remarkable 50,000 hours. This means that they don’t need to be replaced for several years. Moreover, they provide just as much illumination as conventional bulbs and they can be bought in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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