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5 Reasons To Start Using Bamboo Straws

In Australia, it is estimated that we use over 3.5 billion plastic straws every year.

It may be hard to believe the number to be true considering we don’t need to use straws; they are a burden to the environment. According to research conducted by Clean Up Australia around 10 million straws are used every day with more than 7000 straws collected from one single beach clean-up.

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Sadly, plastic straws, much like plastic bags, bottles and containers are used just once for a very short time before being thrown away. Do you really need to drink from a straw? Let’s now consider what alternatives mother nature has to offer us. Like many concerning issues relating to plastic pollution, the time is now, and we can do something about it!

The majority of discarded one-time plastic waste is not biodegradable and ends up everywhere in the environment including the ocean. As we seek to meet our own needs for the purpose of convenience, we are simultaneously damaging an already fragile planet by adding more plastic every minute.

A great way to support the refusal of plastics is to purchase sustainable products created from natural materials such as bamboo. Packing your own reusable items when you travel will allow you to easily minimise the amount of single-use packaging you require each day. Whilst not necessary, straws are still used by consumers and create a hazard for the environment when discarded.

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Here are 5 reasons you should swap plastic for bamboo today!

#1 Natural Fibres
All-natural and reusable; bamboo is a viable alternative to plastic. Bamboo is biodegradable meaning it will breakdown safely without harming the environment or marine life. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials and can grow without pesticides and chemicals. Bamboo is also antibacterial making it a great choice of material for items such as straws and cutlery.

#2 Compostable
Bamboo straws are created from the stems of the bamboo plant and are 100% biodegradable returning themselves back to the environment once discarded. You can use, clean and reuse your bamboo straws and replace them as needed as an affordable alternative to using plastic.

During the stages when bamboo is growing, it is already contributing positively to the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air naturally cleaning the surrounding forest. Once you have finished with your bamboo straw you can place it into the garden, and it will safely breakdown into the soil leaving nothing behind to pollute the earth.

#3 Sustainable Alternative
Due to our dependency on plastics in our everyday lives we are now left with a devastating reality that all the plastic that has been consumed is damaging the earth. Almost half of all plastic used is used just once!

According to the National Geographic ‘roughly 40% of the now more than 448 million tons of plastic produced every year is disposable, much of it is used for packaging intended to be discarded within minutes after purchase’. Every plastic straw you have ever used and thrown away still exists most likely in the ocean or in landfill.

It is important that we start to make a change to how we consume plastic and commit to swapping them for sustainable alternatives like bamboo.

#4 Plastic Free Living
It might sound like a trending hashtag; but plastic-free living is something we can all work towards and, need to achieve. Not sure where to start? Consider the items that you use most in your daily life. Straws, coffee cups, cutlery, containers, bottles and bags.

Here are some simple swaps you can make in your life that will have a positive impact on the environment:

  • Plastic Straws
    Swap unnecessary plastic straws for bamboo reusable straws. If you don’t have a reusable straw with you it is best to aim to refuse a plastic straw  
  • Take Away Coffee Cups
    Swap for a reusable coffee cup or flask and bring it with you when you purchase take-away coffee.
  • Plastic Disposable Cutlery
    Swap for reusable cutlery set such as those made from coconut or bamboo.
  • Plastic Containers
    Swap plastic takeaway packaging and bring your own reusable containers for takeaway meals.
  • Plastic Water Bottles
    Swap for reusable water bottle and carry it with you every day. This will save you money and save the environment.
  • Plastic Bags
    Swap for a reusable bag; fabric bags come in a variety of designs. You can choose one which also advertises the importance of not buying single-use plastic or is created by a sustainable brand that you support.

Changing our daily habit of using plastics without considering their environmental impact is the first step we need to take when moving towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

I suggest swapping one form of plastic each week and continue setting goals to refuse plastic as much as possible. Keep reusable bags in your car, kitchen and workplace, bring your own water bottle and cutlery set with you wherever you go. Soon you will feel lost without it as you develop a sense of awareness that you are helping the environment.

#5 The Future 
Still searching for further ideas to reduce plastics and swap for sustainable plant-based materials? That’s amazing! Check out so other alternative ways to reduce single-use plastics:

  • Use bags made from cloth and refuse to use plastic bags when shopping
  • Bring your own food containers for take-away food
  • Buy food items in bulk wherever possible and purchase items that are not wrapped in plastic (fruit and vegetables, frozen meals)
  • Purchase eco-friendly products such as soap which does not contain micro-beads made from plastic
  • Replace your plastic razor, toothbrush, a hairbrush with products made from bamboo or stainless steel
  • Avoid takeaway coffee cups, lids and plastic bottles by bringing your own

I hope you feel inspired to make the change from single-use plastics to sustainable more eco-friendly options that are eco-friendly and affordable. Plastic straws are not something that we can continue to use and throw away.

When we throw away our plastic waste it still must go somewhere, unfortunately, it doesn’t end up doing the planet or the marine life any good. Bamboo and coconut fibers are 100% natural and provide us all with a simple solution to plastics so let’s be encouraged to make a commitment today to refuse single-use plastic.

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