5 Eco-Friendly Valentines Day Tips

5 Eco-Friendly Valentines Day Tips

Valentines Day has always been one of my favourite holidays. I love to be bold with fashion, especially when I have a theme to work with!

This year, I decided to seek out a Valentines Day outfit. As a second-hand fashion maven, I went straight to a thrift shop. Over my last several visits, I’ve had incredible luck at the Thrift Shops.

My favourite place to start looking for treasures is in the dress aisle. I love this particular thrift store because they organize clothing by colour, so I can scan all the pink and red dresses in eyeshot. I found this jumpsuit there for $9.99!

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Valentines Day, like most holidays, have turned into a bit of a consumeristic frenzy.

According to TreeHugger, $1.7 billion is spent on candy and $2.1 billion is spent on flowers each year!

Now, I love candy and flowers. Even if it’s not technically ‘eco’ – if it makes you happy – I’m good with that! Happy people are what make the world better. But if you feel like you’re buying cheap boxes of chocolate and overpriced flowers not because you want to, but because you feel like you have to – pump the breaks!

This year, do something you actually want to do. There are tons of ways to enjoy yourself and express your love without contributing to waste. Whether you have a partner, are planning a girls’ night, or are opting for a solo spa session at home, here are five ideas to celebrate love while going green!

1. Spend Time with Nature

Go on a romantic stroll in the park or watch the sunset on the ocean! Nature is a beautiful and loving force. There’s nothing that makes me feel more grounded.

2. Get a Massage

One of my favourite things to show myself some TLC is to get a massage. It always makes me feel better, and there’s not waste left behind.

3. Try a Green Beauty Spa Night

Do-it-yourself face masks are a girls’ night in staple. If goopy masks ain’t your thing, there’s lots of natural beauty products that have great masks. My personal favourite is anything that has honey or aloe – my skin just eats it up.

4. Cook Dinner

This year, ditch the takeout and make a meal from scratch. Wanna show extra love to Mother Earth? Pick up produce at your local farmer’s market, or try organic produce. Call me crazy, I swear I can taste the difference.

5. Gift an Upcycled DIY

I love thrift shopping and expressing my creative side with a good ol’ do-it-yourself project. I acknowledge DIYs can steer people away, because they don’t always end up as planned. However, the time and energy someone put into a handmade gift is such a great way to express love, especially since it is affordable and environmentally-friendly!

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