Eco Friendly Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

5 Eco Friendly Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Coconut Bowl Gifts

Show some love to the planet as well as your gal pal, bestie or partner and try for an eco friendly Valentine’s Day.

This special day went from an opportunity to send poems to your sweetie to a manufactured holiday with a big budget. The good news is that you don’t need to throw your values out the window for Valentine’s Day.

Some celebrate this occasion more than others and we think it’s a lovely gesture to show your significant other a little bit of extra attention on the day.

With sustainability increasingly a priority for many of us, you can show your valentine that you love the environment, just as much as you treasure them.

In the spirit of the day, we thought we’d give you some lastminute eco-friendly gift and date ideas that are perfect for the environmentally conscious person in your life

1. Give a gift that keeps on giving.

Coconut Shell Planters

Flowers are all very well, but wouldn't your beloved be more enthused by an ecological gift that keeps on giving?

Indoor herb gardens are all the rage at the moment and plants with coconut shells go together so well. Try our coconut shell planter or hanging planter and let nature grow nature!

Harvest your own herbs from the kitchen or create a natural look in the dining room or lounge with evergreens and succulents.

Bring freshness, colour and life into your home with our upcycled coconut shell planters and pots made from discarded coconuts.

2. Get outdoors with a sustainable picnic set.

Picnic Set

There’s nothing quite like a beach-side picnic to ensure that romance blooms this Valentine’s Day. Now you can carry all your picnic essentials in style with our open-weave seagrass bag and throw a picnic that's full of wow and free from throw away plastic.


  • 1x Seagrass Bag
  • 2x Coconut Bowls
  • 2x Coconut Cups
  • 2x Coconut Wood Spoons
  • 2x Coconut Wood Forks
  • 2x Coconut Wood Chopsticks
  • 2x Bamboo Straws

3. Give natures most sustainable bowl.

Coconut Bowls for your Valentine

Share your next smoothie with your sweetheart in a coconut bowl. Our eco-friendly bowls and spoons will inspire you to make amazing food creations while supporting sustainability and the environment.

This no nonsense bunch of eco-friendly goodies is completely plant based, handmade waste free, plastic free, recyclable and even biodegradable!

We believe in living a conscious and active lifestyle which is why we source our products from materials that were destined to be thrown away.

4. Sweep her away with upcycled candles

Coconut Candles

Who doesn't love getting amazing scented candles - especially on Valentine's Day. Enjoy the flicker of the flame, ambient light and tropical scents of Coconut, Vanilla Chai and Zingy Citrus.

Featuring a polished coconut shell, hand poured coconut soy wax and a crackling wooden wick, these beautiful candles will sweep her away with their natural aromas.

Because we only use soy wax, our candles burn clean with no soot or smoke. Just trim the wick periodically to keep your candle burning bright.

5. Choose luxurious gifts that are all natural

Luxury Valentine's Day Eco Gifts

Valentine's Day and luxury products go hand in hand.

Go natural and and bring clarity to the mind with an all natural coconut candle, pure white Konjac face sponge and Sisal exfoliating soap bag.

All our products are toxin free, petrochemical free and made with all natural and eco-friendly ingredients.

  • 1 Soy Coconut Candle 
  • 1 Konjac Face Sponge
  • 1 Sisal Exfoliating Bag

If you’re stuck for some last minute gifts, make sure to head over to our online store. That way, you’ll be giving a little love to both the environment, and your partner, this Valentine’s Day.

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