Planting Trees in Maleny

3,300 Trees Planted in 2021 Thanks To You!

Planting Trees

Did you know that every Coconut Bowl purchase from Coconutsy adds to our monthly charitable contribution?

It is with your support that we have been able to plant over 3,000 trees in 2021 and donate to other various environmental organisations. Thank you.

Like every other organisation, COVID-19 made our work more difficult. But because of all the wonderful people who supported us we were still able to hit our revegetation goals.

Our 2021 Mission
Our revegetation programs aim to increase the diversity of species we grow for different vegetation types including ground covers, grasses, shrubs and trees. This year the total number of different types of species grown increased from 24 to 36.

Justin from Coconutsy

This year we have planted over 3,000 trees through our weekend events and partners. With a focus on native species that provide habitat to local wildlife we revegetated over 60 acres of cleared farmland which is a great result.

Visiting these sites year after year and seeing the improvement to the local area is what motivates us get more trees in the ground and do even more next year.

Our tree-planting activities link up the existing patches of remnant habitat to create a more continuous corridor of food and shelter.

We were also able to donate contributions to other not-for profit organisations that include Sea Shepard, Australian Marine Conservation Society, One Tree Planted and 1% For The Planet.

I could spend all day thanking people when it comes to our revegetation projects. It fills me with such gratitude to know there are people all around Australia willing to make sure they are part of the change we all want to see.

This support gives us the opportunity to continue the important revegetation work that is being carried out across Australia and provides the funding needed to grow native, healthy seedlings for landholders.

- The Coconutsy Team


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