Summer Acai Bowl

Summer Acai Bowl

Acai bowls are a easy, quick and refreshing way to start the day. You can customize these bowls anyway you want. Healthy and delicious!

Toppings are my everything…well, when it comes to breakfast bowls anyway. And it’s simple enough the kids can help or tweak the ingredients to their own liking.

This recipe is so simple, but I hope you give it a try and love it!

Acai Ingredients

  • 1 serving frozen acai puree
  • ½ cup frozen banana
  • ½ cup frozen berries
  • ½ cup frozen mango
  • ¼ – ½ cup coconut milk or coconut water


  • Diced Mango
  • Strawberries
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Muesli 


  1. In a blender, combine acai puree, frozen banana, frozen berries and frozen mango. Blend for 30 seconds
  2. Transfer blended mixture to a your coconut bowl.
  3. Top with the above ingredients and enjoy.

This makes the perfect breakfast or snack when you’re in a rush but need something substantial. It’s especially great for the summer months when we’re all looking for another way to cool down and keep time in the kitchen to a minimum.

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